shrimp & bacon grits

Recipe adapted from Yummly












1.5 lbs of shrimp (frozen, pre-cooked & deveined)

1 lemon juiced

hot sauce

1.5 tsp sea salt

1.5 cups corn grits (bob’s)

6 slices bacon (nitrate free- like applewood, chopped)

1 onion

1 small red pepper (finely chopped)

2 garlic cloves (minced)

2 tbsp tapioca starch (thickening sauce)

1 cup chicken stock

4 tbsp unsalted butter

2 cups lactose free jalapeno cheese (shredded)


1 Combine shrimp with lemon juice and a couple of generous splashes of hot sauce; let sit while you begin the grits and gravy.
2 Make the grits: in a large heavy saucepan, bring 6 cups water and 1 teaspoon salt to a boil.
3 Whisk in the grits a few handfuls at a time (they will bubble up initially).
4 When you have added all the grits, decrease heat to a very low simmer and cook over low heat for 35-40 minutes, stirring occasionally at first and more frequently toward the end.
5 While the grits simmer, start the gravy: fry bacon in a skillet over medium heat until brown but still limp; stir in the onion, red pepper, and garlic; continue cooking until onion and pepper are limp, about 5 minutes.
6 sprinkle flour over the mixture; continue sauteing for 5 minutes longer.
7 Stir in the stock and remaining salt; cook for 5 minutes longer; remove from the heat while you finish the grits.
8 When the grits are thick and creamy, stir in as much of the butter as you wish, followed by the cheese.
9 Add a splash of hot sauce and more salt if desired.
10 Cover the grits while you finish the gravy.
11 Return the gravy to the heat and stir in the shrimp; cook until the shrimp are opaque throughout, about 5 minutes.
12 Serve immediately mounding the grits in large shallow bowls or on plates and covering them with shrimp and gravy.

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Hailing from New Hampshire, I have re-invented this blog to share my delicious (e is for Emilie and mashita means delicious in Korean) life with friends & family, and of course with new friends that stumble upon my site. I value simple ingredients & recipes, shorter the list the better!
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